Chapter 1: Gargoyles

Gargoyles is the first chapter in the Chronicles NFT Universe.
Strong art accompanied by strong lore. 

Spanning 5 factions:
The Spawned, Armoured, Corrupted, Demon & Undead Lords.  


Created to exist within the Labyrinth, these five factions of Gargoyles live in a grim world full of conflict, suffering, and darkness. Each Gargoyle is fiercely independent, ambitious, and seeks to further their own power. To rise above the rest, they must use every resource at their disposal, even each other otherwise, they will be doomed to an eternity of servitude and struggle.

Minting Begins


Total Mints


Price per Mint

0.03 SOL

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Chapter 1

This is the beginning of the Chronicles Universe.


Chronicles NFT is a multiverse entertainment platform, focused on fleshing out one universe at a time, leveraging the NFT economy as a way to both fund and share in the experience of creating lasting stories, anchored in rich lore and amazing artwork.


With the release of each chapter (or "metaverse"), Chronicles NFT owners will be rewarded for sharing in our vision. The First Chapter: Gargoyles, will be the bedrock of our entire ecosystem, its stakeholders having the highest potential to gain from any subsequent releases. Keeping in line with other successful projects, the timing of additional chapters will be subject to market conditions (e.g., demand), and the length of each development cycle. Here, it is worth mentioning: Gargoyles was self-funded for over five months --so regardless of primary or secondary sales, we will continue to build.


Apart from having deep lore, Chronicles NFT will be as feature-rich as the art is thoughtfully designed: trading tournaments, novel tokenomics, staking, liquidity pools, alpha channels, revenue sharing, treasuries, trait enhancements, pawn shops, and faction vaults will all be constructed based on the joint effort of the community and its founders' governance.


Spawned                   2000

Armored                    1500

Corrupted                  1000

Demon                       700

Undead Lord             350

1/1                              5

Each faction has a unique body-type with a unique set of traits to match: basically five collections rolled into one; this was considerably more work, but in our opinion, a much better outcome, as the collection shines with variety from top to bottom. Now, according to this chart, one might assume the Undead Lords are obviously the most desirable in terms of rarity as a whole (and they would be correct), however, many members of the other four factions are ranked higher than individuals, so keep that in mind (this is true for all factions). While the founders tested several small batches to check for consistency, the final draw was done only once, without any gargoyles being removed or altered. As a result, the rarity is true to the parameters set and any aesthetic consideration is perfectly random.


A team filled with professionalism, determination, skill, imagination, persistence and passion.

Bread of Operations
Art Director | Orb Art Studio